Sara Spindrifter

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Spindrifter Pulse 2014-2015

Spindrifter Pulse 2014-2015

Sara Adeline Mazzolini writes the song lyrics and sings the synthpop songs in the electronic band Spindrifter. She plays the synthesizer, takes the photographs and directs the videos clips. She self-publishes the animation films online. She records her music in France. The tracks are composed by Sara Mazzolini in France.

Spindrifter's new album "Pulse" has the pulsating heart beat and rhythm in the systole and diastole. The beat is as intense and emotional as in daydreaming.

Dream Aquamarine is her avatar in the virtual world. Her cartoon character sings, dances and plays all the musical instruments in the orchestra. She sets out on a journey of exploration and travels in dreamworlds and fanciful lands where she leads her magical life.

All the song lyrics, vocals and music videos are created by Sara Adeline Mazzolini and self-published on Spindrifter's websites in 2014-2015.


Sara Adeline Mazzolini was born on January 4th 1981 in France.

She is the singer songwriter in the virtual band Spindrifter.

She writes her own lyrics and plays the synthesizer.

She likes reading and writing poetry.

She plays with two white rabbits Miko and Mika.

She enjoys taking pictures and shooting movies.

She loves nature, seascape and dreamscape.

She likes watching cartoons and animation films.

She would like to travel abroad and meet new friends.

Self-Portrait by Sara Adeline Mazzolini copyright 2014-2015.